Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide


Used in the manufacture of dry-cell alkaline batteries.

Product Information

Brand Name Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD)
Chemical Name Manganese Dioxide
Manufacture Location Henderson, Nevada  USA
Formula MnO2
Molecular Weight 86.94
CAS Number 1313-13-9
Appearance Black powder
Grade Alkaline Battery (AB)
Description An electrolytic, battery-active manganese dioxide, primarily intended for use in alkaline batteries

Typical Chemical Analysis

Element Percent Weight
Manganese (MnO2) 92
Sulfate (SO4) 1.25
Moisture (Free and Bound H2O) 5
HCl insolubles 0.06

Other Minor Constituents

Element PPM
Iron (Fe) 30
Titanium (Ti) 10
Fired Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) 300
Sodium (Na) 2250
Potassium (K) 400
Calcium, Magnesium (Ca, Mg) 550
Heavy Metals (Cu, Co, Cr, Ni, V, Pb, Mo, Sb, As) 6

Typical Screen Analysis

Typical Screen Analysis

U.S. Standard Sieve No. Percent Passing
200 (wet) 92%
325 (wet) 58%

ElectrolyticManganese Dioxide 

Other Properties

Property Value
pH (10 g in 200 ml H2O) 6.5
Scott Density 26.5 g/in3
Potential (Alkaline Mix) 1.64 volts


Manganese dioxide is packaged in 50-pound five-ply paper bags and 3,000-pound supersacks.  Unitization on wood pallets with shrink film over-wrap is available for 50-pound bags.