About Us

The Borman Henderson operation has been a business landmark in Southern Nevada for many decades as a descendant of the World War II U.S. government-built magnesium manufacturing plant.  After the war, six of the existing ten unit buildings were purchased by Western Electro-Chemical Company (WECCO).  WECCO was sold in 1954 to American Potash, who continued to operate the site until it was acquired by Kerr-McGee in1967.  In 2003, Kerr-McGee spun off the chemical division and renamed it Tronox. The Electrolytic Products Division of Tronox was purchased by EMD Acquisition LLC on September 1, 2018, and became known as Borman Specialty Materials.  As Borman, we remain dedicated to the production of energy driven chemicals.

A major asset of the plant complex then, and today, is the accessibility to hydropower supplied by the Hoover, Parker, andDavis Dam systems and the availability of Colorado River water.  Since 1948, the Henderson operation has produced a variety of specialty materials, including electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD), which is the active ingredient in primary batteries and a feedstock for LMO batteries. Borman Specialty Materials is also a leading global producer of boron trichloride (BCI3), used in the manufacture of semiconductors, LED and LCD screens, epoxy resin, pharmaceuticals and boron fibers.  Additional products include elemental boron, lithium manganese oxide (LMO) and other specialty chemicals.

Today, the site employs nearly 100 full-time workers under the leadership of an experienced maintenance team and senior staff, each with over 15 years of work history. Our dedicated workforce has along history of charitable efforts and community involvement. Our ISO-certified facility continues to yield improvements and foster differentiation and superior customer service in a competitive market.